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We strive to establish a culture of open and collaborative practices in water resources research, consultancy, and policymaking. Through our efforts, we aim to foster a community that embraces transparency, openness, equity, diversity, inclusivity, and collective problem-solving in pursuing sustainable water management practices.


Join us today and participate in this important mission to shape the future of hydrological sciences and water resources management through open collaboration!

Who we are?

Open Collaboration Hydrology is an online community and platform that fosters open and collaborative development of technological tools and practices for water science and management. Our primary goal is to support projects that use tools ranging from social media to computational models, transcending knowledge boundaries of water systems and promoting dialogue with diverse understandings. Through this approach, we aim to facilitate collaborative solutions for addressing complex water system problems and positively influencing public policies related to water resources.

Diverse Perspectives, Collaborative Solutions at Open Collaboration Hydrology!

At Open Collaboration Hydrology, we embrace that water knowledge encompasses both laboratory-verifiable facts and socially constructed perspectives. We believe in fostering an environment where these different aspects of water knowledge are acknowledged, allowing for ongoing questioning, exploration, and collaborative growth.


In times of extreme events and water stress, we firmly believe in expanding the boundaries of water systems knowledge to include diverse approaches, perspectives, understandings, and beliefs about water. We collaborate with scientific researchers, policymakers, stakeholders, citizens and local communities, providing a boundary arena where we can collectively build water management strategies.

In-site and online participatory strategies complement several technological tools, such as social media or computational models. We invite you to join us in our mission of promoting open collaboration in hydrological sciences by sharing your expertise in open science, open-source software, and participatory modelling through social media and scientific research. Together, we can drive progress and transformation in hydrological sciences and water resources management.

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Lastest News!

Visit our fantastic blog dedicated to people who uses open collaboration, participatry modelling and collabs with others for water security!


Want to learn more about modelling in hydrology? 

Visit our blog dedicated to share useful information of Open Collaboration in Hydrology

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How to join us?


📢 Spread the Word

Connect and Engage on Social Media! Follow us for the latest updates, insightful discussions, and content. Don't just scroll – share your thoughts, comments, and ideas. Let's amplify the conversation together!

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🎙️ Be a Star on Air

Share Your Expertise in Our Podcast! Whether you're a researcher, a policy maker, or a passionate enthusiast, your voice matters. Reach out and join us for a fascinating exchange of ideas that resonate far and wide.

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📝 Dive into Blogging

Set Sail on a Journey of Expression! Contribute to our blog with your unique stories, experiences, and perspectives. Whether it's an analysis of current water issues or a personal encounter with open collaboration, your words can create ripples of inspiration.

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💬 Connect and Collaborate

Engage in Meaningful Conversations! Reach out to fellow water science aficionados, policymakers, researchers, and community members. Together, we're breaking down barriers and co-creating solutions for complex water challenges.

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🌊 Be the Change

Join the Open Collaboration Hydrology Movement and become a driving force in shaping the future of water science and management. Your participation can make waves of difference!

About Us

Our Story

Born in 2020, Open Collaboration Hydrology emerged as a dynamic force propelling open collaboration within the realm of hydrology. Starting out as a Facebook group, it rapidly evolved into an expansive online community with over 2000 enthusiasts keen on sharing insights. "In 2023, it received the support of Voices for Science from the American Geophysical Union, and the podcast and blog were added."

The past two decades have witnessed the meteoric rise of diverse computational hydrological models. Transitioning from research labs to real-world applications, these models are now integral to decision-making. Yet, those of us who've delved into hydrological modeling within the water security domain know the frustration of reinventing the wheel due to the absence of open collaborative practices in hydrology.

But here's the exciting part: the horizon of open collaboration in hydrology stretches far beyond the hydrologist's niche. It extends a welcoming hand to the very inhabitants of the basins, inviting them to co-create collaborative solutions. This isn't just about hydrologists—it's about weaving together a tapestry of insights from all corners of the basin, painting a holistic picture of our water systems. Join us in this journey where the boundaries of hydrology blur, and collaboration takes center stage


Why people joined us?

As a hydrologist, open collaboration is vital. It brings together our expertise, diverse insights, and data, helping us solve complex water challenges more effectively. Together, we're shaping a sustainable water future. 💧🌍 #Hydrology

Juliane Burger

Collaborative modeling holds immense value. It bridges the gap between science and local knowledge, allowing communities to actively shape environmental solutions. This collaborative approach ensures more holistic and effective conservation strategies that truly resonate with the ecosystem's needs. 🌿🤝

Raymond Zuakek

(open collaboration) my driving force. It propels innovation by merging diverse skill sets and insights. Together, we refine models faster, solve complex challenges, and create impactful solutions- 💻🤝 


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